Case Studies

Case Studies

Ascentia has performed very well for a number of clients. Here are a couple of case studies that
show the type of service, integrity and courage that Ascentia is known for:

Aloha Vegas Community – Las Vegas, NV

The Problem: Ascentia bought a low-income multi-family property in North Las Vegas, NV that had consistently been a problematic for the city. There were a number of code violations that provided significant danger to residents and the community had some issues with crime. It was also very run down and in great need of clean up.

The Ascentia Solution: Ascentia worked with city officials and local businesses in an effort to clean up the community. They brought in professional contractors to resolve the code violations and put heavy attention on community curb appeal and resident relations. Our property manager initiated a number of community events including a Halloween costume party, an Easter egg hunt and a resident appreciation barbecue to build community in the property.

Testimonial: "The staff of the Building Safety Division has invested over a thousand man-hours inspecting, citing, attending hearings and working with numerous owners to rehabilitate Aloha Vegas. However, we have never succeeded until your organization purchased the [community]. Thanks for including us in your success."
– Building Official, City of North Las Vegas

  Aloha Vegas community entrance

Meadowood Village – Littleton, CO

The Problem: A successful business man in the mid-west purchased a stable senior multi-family housing community in Littleton, CO. They needed an attentive and ethical management company to protect and grow the value of the property while maintaining great customer service and curb appeal for a resident base that largely lives on fixed income.

The Ascentia Solution:Ascentia took control of the community over 20 years ago and has maintained the highest standards for the community while growing the occupancy and the value of the property. We employed a team of property managers, one with an eye for maintenance and one with an eye for administration, who both care deeply about serving the residents. The result is a happy, growing community of seniors.

Testimonial: "I have the highest regard for the business skills and personal integrity of the principals at Ascentia. For more than two decades, Ascentia has provided [me] with the best, most profitable... opportunities I have found."
– Property Owner, Meadowood Village

  Meadowood Manager Gayle with a resident

Lafayette Gardens – Lafayette, CO

The Problem: Lafayette Gardens owner lived in Hawaii and had need of a competent and aggressive property management company to clean up the property and grow occupancy. The tenant base needed considerable and constant attention and the curb appeal was in need of significant upgrades.

The Ascentia Solution: Ascentia's management team took on the project and in four years, cleaned up the community and grew occupancy, through its Pelican Finance platform, to over 95%. Due to a family financial re-arrangement, Ascentia transitioned the property over to a member of the owner's family.
Testimonial: "Lafayette Gardens has been under management from Ascentia for the past four years during which time I have seen nothing but impeccable professionalism under their direction. My decision, I can assure you, has nothing to do with the management of Ascentia but my own family affairs…If the opportunity arises in the future, I would definitely contact Ascentia again regarding the management or sale of the [community]"
 – Property Owner, Lafayette Gardens

  A family outside their home.