The Mercy Fund

Thank you—this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. – John from Aurora, upon receiving his Christmas gift card
The Mercy Fund benefits Ascentia residents in need during the holidays and combines the generous donations of company employees, vendors and investors with a dollar-for-dollar match by the company.

Each year the fund raises roughly $20,000 for residents identified by community managers as experiencing hardship. In 2013, the fund donated $11,550 to residents of River Valley Village in Longmont, where flooding caused emergency evacuation and devastated property and homes.


At Ascentia, we see ourselves as a family. We’re grateful for the abundance we’ve received and we value our residents as more than tenants. That’s why we started The Mercy Fund more than a decade ago, as a way to bless residents during the holiday season.

  Over time the fund grew into a response to extreme need throughout the year. We send gift cards to residents in our
  communities who are struggling due to illness, under-employment, job loss and various other hardships.  Their
  responses have been touching.
  “No way, you didn’t have to do this.  Every little bit helps at this time of year.  This will guarantee a special
  Christmas dinner.” 
  – Steven and Trina, Aurora, Colorado
  “I live at Robbins Nest in Overton, Nevada.  I had the good fortune of receiving a ‘Merry Christmas’ gift card from your
  company.  I am so grateful for your generosity.  Along with what I have saved, this money has made it possible to fix
  my car and buy slippers.”  
  – Laurel, Overton, Nevada
The Mercy Fund gives everyone an opportunity for everyone to join in and contribute to a good cause while ensuring that Ascentia communities continue to be great places to live and great investments.  
It is also a tangible expression of our company values—as we strive to be “abundance-minded” and generous. We see taking care of our employees, investors, and residents is a responsibility and a joy—and we know this contributes to our success. We take great pleasure in knowing that our work is making a difference in people’s lives.
To learn more or contribute to the Mercy Fund, please email Beverly Wood at